Mechanical prefilter

Disc Filters

The disc filters can be divided into two parts (core and shell). The core includes the disc and support (material: ABS). During filtration, the discs are pressed tightly when water flows by the foreign material is getting blocked on the disc and this provides the filtration function. When the foreign materials are accumulated at a certain amount, you have to open the manual ball valve on drain outlet to flush out the materials. In case of pressure drop the filtration stops, in this case you have to open the filter, loosen and clean the discs and reassemble and tight it again to use.

Fields of application:
  • Circulating cooling water
  • Circulation recycle water
  • Normal water usage
  • Water treatment equipment protection
  • Protect membrane filtration
  • Seawater filter
  • Waste water treatment
  • Fluid chemical industry
IWF Filters

The IWF water filters with stainless steel filter cartridges mounted into a carbon steel housing due to their big size are mainly used for industrial purposes. The filter is retaining all kind of mechanical particles bigger than the 100 microns (standard version) and will not remove the dissolved salts, chlorine, iron, manganese etc. The cartridges can (should) be cleaned also in back-flush.
FR Filters

The FR protection filter stops these small particles, filters them out from water, preventing them from causing damage in pipes, faucets, household appliances.

The heavy-duty flanged protection filter for cold and hot water.