Household water softener

Wells, rivers, lakes and oceans all have different types and leves of contaminants.
These contaminants, other than living organisms or turbidity are in the form of dissolved solids.

The total dissolved solids are all the salts or minerals contained in the water source.
These salts and minerals can be broken down into ions.
The positively charged ions are called Cations and the negatively charged ions are called Anions.
The hardness ions are primarily calcium, magnesium and iron which are Cations.

The hardness in water causes scale to form inside pots and pans, pipes, water heaters or boilers.
Our fully automatic water softener equipments seamlessly serve you and the comfrot of your household, sparing you money!

Installation can be done easily even afterwards by a plumber.

The automatic control valve ensures long-term unattended operation.
Why do we recommend our water softeners for your household?

-     Your clothes will be cleaner, retain their natural softness and color with less soap powder and without any additional supplements.
-     Your bathroom and kitchen tiles and faucets will be brighter and spotless.
-     Your cutlery and glasses dry drip-free.
-     Tea or cofee made with soft water taste and smell better.
-     You can spend more time with your family and less time cleaning.
-     Showering with soft water makes your hair softer, more flexible also it makes your skin more smooth and healthier.

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