Mixed-bed service
Regenerating stationOur company offers regeneration service for mixed bed resin irrespectively of the type and manufacturer of the resin. Run-down resin reaches our regeneration plant on pallets, in barrels or in containers.

Our quality control systems ensures that we take sample of mixed bed resin after each regeneration cycle and check quality of water produced by the resin and capacity of the resin.

Details of mixed-bed regeneration technology

There are several fields of industries such as laboratories, health care institutions, electronics, glass-, humidor equipment-, washing machine, storage battery manufacturers, laundries, power stations, that need desalinated water during their processes. Desalinated water is frequently called destillated water.

Apart from destillation there is a more cost effective and practical way of producing desalinated water. We offer full desalination that is mixed bed patrons.

Desalination patrons are so called mixed bed tanks that are filled with cation and anion exchange resin. During desalination process raw water flows down-flow through resin that removes vast majority of salts from water. Residual salt content of output water is marginal (0,1mg/l) and conductivity is 0,2 μS/cm that complies highest standards.

When resin is getting run-down regeneration can not be carried out on the spot. This is what our central regeneration plant and filling stations offer. Our re-filling plant turns your run-down patron to regenerated resin.

Our central regeneration plant activates run-down mixed-bed resin that has the following advantages:
Source : http://www.euro-clear.eu