Water purifiers

Water purifiers

Increasingly, published research results and press articles of drinking water can be read. Technological development has not avoided laboratory instruments for water quality control, so nowadays many undesirable artificial substances can be detected in our drinking waters. Thanks to the flow of information in the digital world, we can read about more and more drinking water quality problems. In Hungary, the drinking water consumed by the vast majority of the population is mainly from rivers. Plenty of articles and research deal with heavy metals, hormones, drug residues and recently fashionable micro-plastics in rivers.

If you pay attention to your diet and nutrition, our company offers you modern water purification equipment!

The filter equipment with a multi-stage osmosis membrane filter sold by our company has such a small pore size that it passes almost only H2O, ie water molecules well known in chemistry, filtering out chlorine, heavy metals, hormones, mycoplastics, other contaminants from the water network, etc.

If the above has not yet convinced you, we recommend that you make a tea or coffee from the “rainwater of our past” produced by an osmosis membrane. The water filters we sell can be easily installed under the sink to branch the angle valve. They also provide the “rainwater of our past” through a faucet that can be mounted on a sink counter or tray.

Water purifiers

The selection can be done in three easy steps:

Step 1 – Selecting the Water Cleaner system

To choose the most suitable water purifier, you should first be aware of the water pressure in your household. Based on this, we distinguish the following two cases:

  • For water pressures below 3 bar BlueClear-RO-75P EuroClear device, 
  • if, on the other hand, the water pressure reaches 3 bar stably BlueClear-RO-75 EuroClear is recommended.

The equipment also comes with a water tank, which ensures a continuous supply of clean water. For perfect operation, the water tank should be serviced annually, which includes changing the filter cartridges and washing with a disinfectant cleaner.

Easier operation, higher performance, compact design.
If simplicity, outstanding efficiency and compactness are the most important considerations when choosing a water purifier, the
BlueClear-DF-300 EuroClear is the perfect choice for you.

In addition to simple operation, the device is able to provide clean water at all times thanks to the increased pump and filtration diaphragm performance. And since it does not require a water tank, it can be installed in a smaller space. The water purifier can also be used at water pressures below 3 bar and can be easily maintained without the help of a specialist.

Step 2 – Order a return cartridge, wiring pack

The salting cartridge plays an essential role in enriching the water with magnesium, as completely unsalted water is not recommended for direct consumption according to official regulations. Completely unsalted water, on the other hand, is the most perfect ingredient in the production of all food and beverages, so not everyone needs a salting cartridge.

Well-known restaurants and hotel chains use completely unsalted water obtained from water purifiers sold by EuroClear Kft. For cooking, making teas and various beverages. This is because in low-salt, filtered water, oilseeds dissolve better and spices prevail better. Therefore, if you have run a restaurant or hotel and are buying a water purifier for the above purposes, you will NOT need a refill cartridge.

For the BlueClear-DF-300 EuroClear device, no return salt cartridge can be selected.

Optional order for retraction cartridge: Order code: BC-Mg2+
Wiring unit package: BC-RO-Set

Step 3 – Select a faucet

Depending on whether you need a re-salting cartridge as described in the previous section, different faucets are available. The optional faucets differ only in their design.

If you have NOT ordered a return salt cartridge, you can choose from one-way faucets (FXFCH3 or FXFCH5).
If you have ordered a return cartridge, you can choose between one-way (FXFCH3 or FXFCH5) and two-way (FXFCH4 or FXFCH6) faucets. If you choose a two-way faucet, you can enjoy the benefits of both completely desalinated water and water enriched with magnesium.

Optional faucets:

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