Manganese remover

Industrial manganese removal, manganese remover

Manganese removal is a water treatment and water purification task that many associate with iron removal, such as iron and manganese removal equipment, but this is not always true. It is true that in most cases, when we removing iron, manganese removal is also required, but due to composition of the water and other chemical bonding of elemental manganese, we cannot solve this task with as simple iron removal equipment.

Because manganese is twice the equivalent of iron, itis at least as much harder (or even harder) to remove from water. That is, it is so much harder to ixidize manganese flakes, manganese dioxide. The technologies described in the ”iron remover” menu can also be apllied to manganese removal, but longer reaction times are required, more chemicals or more ozone are required to complete the task, or slower filtration rate can be used for catalytic filtration. Some catalytic charges are suitable for iron removal, but depending on the composition of the water, not for manganese removal. Many times, due toincorrect selection, after intalling of the equipment, it turns out that the built-in iron remover technology is not suitable for manganese removal. This wrong technological definition can be very expensive, so we suggest if you have manganese on your water, we prefer slightly more expensive and perhaps ”combined” technology, but do not spend money unnecessarily on something that does not work properly in the end.

Here too, as in the selection of the iron remover equipment, some practical factors such as there is operating staff, how much space is available, and how much money we spend on its instalation and the operation.

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