European stock

Most of our products are immediately available from stock in Europe.

Certified products

All our products are CE certified and meet certain European standards.

EU origin

The BlueSoft, BlueClear, Rainwater and Midnight series are assembled in Europe.


Water softening equipment

The RainWater is one of the most economical water softener families on the market thanks to its intelligent control and the standard accessory salt grid.

BlueSoft E is the most reliable family of water softeners on the market. Quantity and time controlled water softener regenerates only when it is really needed.

A premium household water softener designed for everyday life. Advanced design and technology with continuous water supply.


OEM production

Our company offers OEM and ODM equipment in case our mass-produced products do not meet your unique requirements. Whether it is a special water softener or a complex water treatment system. For more details, please contact our colleagues.


Where we are present

Our company, Euro-Clear is operating in 29 countries of Europe, in most areas of the economy. Whether its agriculture, food industry, catering or even household, the lack of clear water can be the source of many problems. Our water softeners and purifiers are designed to provide high quality, clean and soft water in all areas of life.


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Feeling lost in the jargon? Need help choosing the right equipment? No idea what the difference is between water purification and water softening equipment? We can help! Below we have collected the most important keywords and their meanings to help you navigate between products.

World-class products from Hungary

Euro-Clear Ltd. was founded in 2007 as a 100% Hungarian owned water treatment company, which is specialized in the production and wholesale of industrial and residential water treatment equipment. We design and manufacture drinking water and process water treatment equipment ranging from domestic water purification and softening devices to systems with a capacity of several 100m3/h. With more than a decade of work and experience behind us, we can say that we have produced the largest number of domestic and small-scale water softening and treatment plants in our country in recent years. The high quality of our equipment is shown by the fact that our products are available in many other European countries.


your home!

Euro-Clear Ltd. offers customers various types of water purification and softening equipment, valves, tanks, filters and other accessories for both residential and industrial use. Browse our wide range of products and choose according to your needs, requirements and budget.


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