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Boron remover

Industrial boron removal, boron remover

Boron in Hungary is present in drilled wells, and belongs to the family of borates. Hungary does not really have a high boron content in the waters, it is more present in higher concentration in South America and seawater, but due tot he toxic effect of boric acid, the current drinking water regulation prescibes a relatively low limit value, wich is now 1 mg/l. If the value is highr than this, a boron removal device is used. In the past, this was a very expensive process, as only boron could be removed by distillation as well as RO equipment, but now resin and ion exchange charges are also available for this task.

Costumers usually face this problem when water analysis arrives after a well drill. The boron removal nothing more than a mixed bed complete desalination, like an ion exchanger device, except this device can be regenerated on site and we are using a boron selective resin instead of a cation-anion resin. The surface of the resin charge is designed to be able to bind boron ions. Once the ion exchange charge is saturated with boron ions, a regeneration occurs. The regeneration happens with using acid and alkali in separate phases. From the surface of the resin, the acid first ”etchs” the bound boron ions, wich escape from the boron removal device tot he drain. Than the alkaline chemical solution reactivates the surface of the resin for further use.

The following parameters must be taken care when selecting the boron removal equipment:

Boron content of water, volume flow of water, the amount of water to be decorified, time required between regenerations of equipment.

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