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Water filter

Industrial water filtration,
water filter

Industrial water filtration is one of the most frequently used water treatment and purification technologies (as far as it can be listed here) and is found in most industries as there is almost no plant or factory without at least one water filtration equipment. It does not matter if it is main water, well water or cooling water.

The type of the water filter is selected based on the solid content of incoming or uses water, and what we want to achieve with the water filter. Water filters are further distinguished by the gap size or filtration efficiency, wich is usually measured in microns. Water filter or filter device that produces better water quality than 1 micron is called ultrafiltration or nanofiltration.

Water filter with filter housing and disposable filter insert:
This is the simplest water filtration method. It is easy to install and there are countless types of filter housing and filter insert. Today it is available in almost all sizes, from 5” to 40”. There are PP, yarn, stainless steel, activated carbon, ceramic and many other types of filter inserts, whether disposable or washable. It is also available in slot size from 150 microns to 0.1 microns. The range is also wide in performance, from 1-2 hundred liters/h to 10-20 m3/h, or even higher capacity filter housings. the filter insert already has a catalytic charge or a softener charge, wich can be used in smaller applications.

Water filter with washable filter housing:
This is a similar water filtration method to the disposable insert filtration above, with the difference that the insert can be used again with a mechanical cleaning. The other type of backwashable filter, wich can be cleaned without disassembling the filter housing, is ususally with drain tap, or even this type of water filter can be automated. This automatic backwashable filter, especially for high volume flows and large amounts of water with mechanical contaminants, used in partial flow filtration of cooling towers.

Multimedia gravel filter:
This filter device can be used in many applications where a lot of contaminants have to be filtered in a high volume flow, wich can be a simple mechanical filtration of the well or removal of iron and manganese flakes after oxidation, etc. In this case, the multimedia gravel layer is filled into a filter tank and the dirt is removed from the filter during backwashing using various valve or block head control methods.

Activated carbon filters:
The activated carbon filter device can be a filter insert, but in the industry similar to multimedia gravel filter, a tank solution is used. There can also be big differences between activated carbon fillings, with the common feature that we usually do not do mechanical filtration but absorption. This can be dechloration or even a simple taste and deodorization of the water, but even more complex chemical process such as trihalomethane filtration. The filter charge of this type of filter equipment is sonner or later depleted, wich cannot be regenerated on site. The discharged filter charge must be replaced before the activated carbon can be used again.

It is the second most efficient mechanical water filtration method after RO filtration technology. The gap size of the filter inserts in the ultrafiltration equipment is designed to remove not only mechanical contaminants but also microbiological contaminants, bacteria and viruses. The inserts of the ultrafiltration equipment are nothing more than a plurality of fiberglass tubes, on wich any impurities greater than 0.02 microns are trapped, and then, when the equipment is backwashed, these contaminants are discharged from the filter inserts into the drain. In the case of ultrafilters, the high filtration efficiency is also high, so it is usually a fully automatic device with a periodic regeneration of several chemicals.

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