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Nitrate remover

Industrial nitrate removal, nitrate remover

In Hungary nitrate can occur in drilled wells, or in groundwaters. Nitrate is the result of an underground chemical process, especially in places where ammonium leaks from rocks. Nitrate alone os not so much, but rather its reaction products can be harmful to health, like nitrite compounds. High content of nitrate is not so typical, and the limit value prescribed in the current drinking water regulation also allows for a relatively high value of 50 mg/l, but higher values may also occur. In this case, nitrate removal should be used. The nitrate removal device selectively binds the nitrate content of the water, reduces it below the limit value.

Customers usually face the problem of high nitrate content when water analysis arrives after well drilling. The nitrate removal device is similar to a water softener. The difference is that we do not use a water softening resin in the equipment, but a nitrate selective resin. Its regeneration is exactly the sameas the regeneration of a water softener.

The surface of the resin charge is able to bind nitrate ions while introducing sodium or even potassium ions into the water. Once the ion exchange charge is saturated with nitrate ions, regeneration is required. Regeneration is done with an ultrapure salt tablet. While the dissolved salt is in contact with the surface of the ion exchange, it absorb the mentioned sodium or potassium ions and in the meantime ”throws away” the nitrate ions, wich are discharged from the water softener into the drain or sewage collector.

The following parameters must be taken care when selecting a nitrate remover:

Nitrate content of water, the volume flow and amount of water to be treated, time required between regenerations of nitrate removal equipment.

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