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Water hardness measurement

Even within a city, the water quality provided by waterworks can vary e.g. the value of water hardness. If you want to know exactly what the water hardness is in your home, you can do it quickly and easily with the OKT-1 hardness tester.

Measure water hardness quickly and easily! Our OKT-1 hardness tester allows fast and accurate water hardness testing. The result is obtained in German degrees of hardness (nk °).

Contents of the package:

  • 1 measuring cup
  • 1 titration liquid

Measurement process:

  • Before the test, rinse the measuring container and make up to the 5 ml mark with the water sample to be tested.
  • Add a drop of titrating liquid to the water sample in the vessel and mix thoroughly with gentle shaking.
  • If the first drop of titrating liquid turns the water greenish, the test water is soft water.
  • Otherwise, repeat the process until the red color of the mixture changes to green.
  • Each droplet represents 1 nk ° of the titration liquid, so that the hardness of the water sample examined is the same as the number of drops added up to a greenish color.
  • When filled to a level of 10 ml, the dish can be measured in 0.5 degrees increments according to the above method. In this case, 1 drop of titrating liquid means 0.5 nk °.

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