Pre-filter for long-life water softeners

The water supplied by the water company reaches our homes through networks of varying quality, which are periodically cleaned, disinfected and repaired in the event of burst pipes. However, there is no water network where there is no risk of secondary contamination, which is why it is so important to have pre-filters and protective filters.

Durable material,
easy to clean,
high filtration fineness

The filter material ensures reliable mechanical filtration, so a stainless steel filter cartridge or a hard plastic plate filter cartridge is the most ideal solution. The filtering of fine sand in the water network protects your household equipment, while the easy cleanability makes pre-filter maintenance simple.

DFA-A Filter disc water filter with automatic backwash

No manual cleaning is required, it is done automatically in a few seconds. The perfect complement to automatic water softeners.

DFA-M pre-filter

Our manual mechanical pre-filters are ideal for protecting domestic water-using equipment such as underfloor heating systems, water softeners.

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