Step by step

Download, install and set up the app for Euro-Clear Midnight™ water softener equipment

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To connect the control valve to the internet, you need to use a 2,4 GHz network!


1. To donwload the application for Android devices, click the download button or scan the QR code.

2. Click on the Android button and download the application!


For security reasons, the installation of applications from unknown sources is disabled on many telephone devices, therefore, in order to install the  application, this setting must be changed.

Setup guide

After successful installation, you will find a “Water device” named application on your home screen.

Setting up:

  1. Enter your country after entering the application
  2. Register via the “Sign up now” button at the bottom of the screen
    1. accept the user terms and proceed with the “Continue” button
    2. enter your email address
    3. enter the 4-digit code sent to your e-mail address and choose a password.
  3. Set the location of your household and proceed to the main page of the application with the “Start to use” button.

To connect the control valve to the internet, you need to use a 2,4 GHz network!

  1. After clicking the “Add device” button, you must enter the name of the WiFi network and the corresponding password to which the control valve will connect to the network.
  2. Before proceeding, you must disconnect the power source of the control valve and reconnect it.
  3. Immediately after the control vale is under power, you must press and hold the menu / confirm button  for 5 seconds, until you hear a short beeping sound.
  4. Press the “Connect to wifi” button to start the connection process.
  5. Upon successful connection, the application is now ready for use.

Other information

After registration and installation is completed, you can add and manage more devices with the application. Your entire household can be managed room by room. However it is important to know that the first user you add will be with administrator privileges, users connected after will be normal users who can’t make any changes in the valves settings.

In the application, you can also check the informations that is displayed on the LCD screen of the control valve (actual cycle, current water flow…etc).

Alarm functions to protect your household

The application has three important alarm functions:

Peak flow alarm: If the flow rate exceeds the preset maximum value, the system automatically send a signal to the device that immediately closes the inlet water. Please contact the customer service in case that happens! 

Leakage alarm: If the built-in SafeHome function detects a leakage, it automatically sends an alarm to the user and the device and immediately closes the inlet water. Please contact customer service in case that happens! 

Salt shortage alarm: Automatically indicates when the level of salt in the water softener is too low, so you have time to fill the device with salt before it goes completely empty.


If any errors occur during the operation of the control valve, the application will inform the user on the phone screen and needs to be acknowledged. The acknowledgement needs to be done directly at the control valve and then set back to service status. This is not possible in the application.

In case you are using the application on iOS device, please click HERE

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