Mechanical Prefilters

DF water filters

Family houses, communal as well as industrial areas, can be widely used. Thanks to its wide PH tolerance, it can be incorporated into RO and chemical technology.

The product can be used:

  • For drinking water filtration
  • To protect water treatment equipment (eg to protect a membrane filter)
  • For filtering chemical liquids
  • For seawater filtration

IWF filters

The IWF filter can be connected to the water mains with a flange connection. The robust painted carbon steel housing provides sufficient safety even in industrial conditions. The device has a large-area stainless steel filter insert, which guarantees reliable operation over a long service life. There is a pressure gauge on the raw and filtered water side of the unit. Using the pressure gauge, we have direct feedback on clogging of the filter element.

Areas of application:

The IWF type is a high quality backwashable filter unit for industrial and household applications. By using the filter, you can protect the water network and the various equipment and machines connected to it from the damaging effects of suspended solids above 0.1 mm in diameter, such as rust, debris, sand, etc..

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