Mixed Bed Service

Our company offers a mixed bed resin regeneration service independent of the type and manufacturer of the resin. The depleted resin arrives at our regeneration station in pallets, barrels or containers.

Our quality assurance system ensures that after each regeneration cycle we take a sample of the mixed bed resin and check the quality of the water produced by the resin. measure the capacity of the resin.

Details of the mixed bed regeneration technology: Laboratories, healthcare institutions, electronics, glass industry, humidifiers, dishwashers and battery manufacturers, laundries, power plants, without exception, require desalinated water, which is often referred to as distilled water. However, in addition to distillation, there are other, more energy-efficient, more practical ways to produce desalinated water. This is the purpose of the complete desalination, ie mixed bed cartridges, also sold by our company.

Desalination cartridges are filled with cation and anion exchange resins, so-called “Mixed bed” tanks. In the desalination process, the raw water is passed from top to bottom through the resin charge, which removes the salts from the water virtually completely. The residual salinity is negligible, about 0.1 mg / l, and the conductivity of the produced water is 0.2 μS / cm, which value satisfies the highest demands on desalinated water. If the charge is depleted, resin regeneration cannot be performed on site. This is the purpose of our company’s central regeneration plant and transfer stations. Our refilling station replaces your exhausted cartridge with regenerated resin.

The depleted resin is reactivated during regeneration in our central regeneration plant, which has the following benefits for users:

  • Acid and alkali handling, storage, wastewater treatment and disposal do not pose any task or hazard.
  • Centralized regeneration in larger quantities makes resin exchange more economical and environmentally friendly.

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