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Hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies need high purity water for working with autoclaves, distillation devices and ultrasonic devices, for laboratory dishwashing, bedside washers and pharmaceuticals, dental units and dialysis.

Our dual-stream RO equipment meets both European and American standards for purified water requirements.



Our company has also gained significant experience in the field of water treatment for laboratories, so we are looking for a solution tailored to our partner’s individual needs, with the help of our experienced sales representatives.

For laboratories, the areas of application are different, as are the specific requirements for water quality and purity. They mainly use desalinated water. Water quality parameters most often depends on conductivity, organic matter content and microorganism content.

Process water categorized for laboratory use is as follows: General purpose water (for glass washing, analysis, dishwashers, autoclaves), Water for specific laboratory use (for analysis, dishwashers), Ultrapure water (analysis, tests, sample projects)

For laboratories with significant water consumption, our company offers a range of water technology equipment that meets your needs. The system includesa water softener, reverse osmosis equipment, electric deionizer, equipments with ion exchanger, UV disinfectants and sterile filters. In order for the water to meet the requirements, there must be a continuous circulation in the piping system. Of course, the pipe systems are also made of standard material such as PVC, PP, PVDF, SS.

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