A reliable partner in {water softening}

BlueSoft E is the most reliable family of water softeners on the market. Quantity and time controlled water softener regenerates only when it is really needed.

What's in it?

Economical operation

One of the lowest salt and water consumption softeners on the market due to up flow regeneration.

The control valve of the device – like the best quality faucets – has a ceramic disc, which is extremely durable, there is no need for annual maintenance.

The equipment comes with a built-in hardness setting / bypass valve.

Personalised choice

Today’s modern family houses typically have more connection points, so for higher flow we install our devices equipped with 1’’ control valve. The 1’’ connection provides higher flow and less pressure drop. For showers, two bathrooms or at least 5 sinks, a 1’’ connection is recommended.
Item numberBlueSoft_water softener_ELBA_seriesPlug-in connectionSizes Height_x_Width_x_Depth_(mm)Resin litresCapacityFlow m3/hNet price HUF
BS-E50/VR34BlueSoft Elba central household water
softener equipment.

High-capacity series, so it regenerates rarely.
Time and amount controlled water sofetener,
only regenerates when really needed.

Also available with 1” control head. The 1”
connection provides higher flow and lesser
pressure drop. A 1 ”connection is
recommended for overhead showers,
for two bathrooms or for 5 sinks at least.

Our devices with 3/4 ” by-pass valve connection,
and devices with 1 ”connection
are manufactured with an assembly block.
3/4”620 x 320 x 50012,550 m3x°nk1.0 – 1.5129.670
BS-E70/VR343/4”1080 x 320 x 5001870 m3x°nk1.5 – 1.8157.477
BS-E100/VR343/4”1080 x 320 x 50025100 m3x°nk1.8 – 2.0165.019
BS-E120/VR343/4”1080 x 320 x 50030120 m3x°nk1.8 – 2.0170.413
BS-E50/VR11”620 x 320 x 50012,550 m3x°nk1.0 – 1.5136.896
BS-E70/VR11”1080 x 320 x 5001870 m3x°nk1.5 – 2.0164.703
BS-E100/VR11”1080 x 320 x 50025100 m3x°nk2.0 – 2.5172.250
BS-E120/VR11”1080 x 320 x 50030120 m3x°nk2.5 – 3.0177.639
Water softener selection table
based on the amount of resin
Monthly water consumption
1-3 people
3-4 people
3-4 people
5-6 people
Water hardness Low (1_-_10_°nk)8 litres8-12 litres12-18 litres18-25 litres
Medium (10_-_15_°nk)8-12 litres12-18 litres18-25 litres18-25 litres
High (15_-_20_°nk)12-18 litres18-25 litres18-25 litres25-30 litres
Very hight_(20_-_30_°nk)18-25 litres18-25 litres25-30 litres25-30 litres

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The RainWater is one of the most economical water softener families on the market thanks to its intelligent control and the standard accessory salt grid.

A premium household water softener designed for everyday life. Advanced design and technology with continuous water supply.

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