Advanced water softening {made easy}

High equipped household water softeners series with built-in mixing valve and an external by-pass assembly.

What's in it?

Efficient yet economical water softening

Thanks to intelligent control heads, low water and salt consumption is achieved. The salt grid ensures homogeneous brine formation and economical salt consumption.

RainWater is one of the most economilcal water softener series on the market thanks to the intelligent control valve and the salt grid as a basic accessory.

Personalised choice

Today’s modern family houses typically have more connection points, so for higher flow we install our devices equipped with 1’’ control valve.

The 1’’ connection provides higher flow and less pressure drop. For showers, two bathrooms or at least 5 sinks, a 1’’ connection is recommended.

Item numberTypeSalt and water
Plug-in connectionFlow volumeResin litresCapacityInstallation_size
Height x Width x Depth
RW12/P&PRainWater 12 Plug & Play1,6 kg NaCl90 litres H2O3/4”1.2—1.5 m3/h12.530 m3x°nk66 x 38 x 52.5 cm
RW18/P&PRainWater 18 Plug & Play1,6 kg NaCl90 litres H2O3/4”1.5—1.8 m3/h1850 m3x°nk110 x 38 x 52.5 cm
RW25/P&PRainWater 25 Plug & Play3,0 kg NaCl140 litres H2O3/4”1.8—2.2 m3/h2575 m3x°nk110 x 38 x 52.5 cm
RW30/P&PRainWater 30 Plug & Play3,6 kg NaCl160 litres H2O3/4”2.0—2.5 m3/h3090 m3x°nk110 x 38 x 52.5 cm
RW12HF/P&PRainWater 12 HF Plug & Play1,6 kg NaCl90 litres H2O1”1.2—1.5 m3/h12.530 m3x°nk66 x 38 x 52.5 cm
RW18HF/P&PRainWater 18 HF Plug & Play1,6 kg NaCl90 litres H2O1”1.5—1.8 m3/h1850 m3x°nk110 x 38 x 52.5 cm
RW25HF/P&PRainWater 25 HF Plug & Play3,0 kg NaCl140 litres H2O1”2.0—2.5 m3/h2575 m3x°nk110 x 38 x 52.5 cm
RW30HF/P&PRainWater_30_HF_Plug & Play3,6 kg NaCl160 litres H2O1”2.5—3.0_m3/h3090_m3x°nk110 x 38 x 52.5 cm
Water softener selection table
based on the amount of resin
Monthly water consumption
1-3 people
3-4 people
3-4 people
5-6 people
Water hardness Low (1_-_10_°nk)8 litres8-12 litres12-18 litres18-25 litres
Medium (10_-_15_°nk)8-12 litres12-18 litres18-25 litres18-25 litres
High (15_-_20_°nk)12-18 litres18-25 litres18-25 litres25-30 litres
Very hight_(20_-_30_°nk)18-25 litres18-25 litres25-30 litres25-30 litres

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BlueSoft E is the most reliable family of water softeners on the market. Quantity and time controlled water softener regenerates only when it is really needed.

A premium household water softener designed for everyday life. Advanced design and technology with continuous water supply.

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