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Recommended assemblies for the installation of domestic water softeners

Water hardness tester:

  Function: Fill up the measurement vial to 5 ml mark with hard water. Start tod rop the reagent liquid. If the reagent liquid color changes to green after one drop, the water hardness is 1 german hardness degree. In case the color stays red, we are dealing with hard water. In this case drop the reagent further. After each drop, the color changes from red to green means the hardness.
Order number: OKT-1 (1 vial tester), OKT-2 (2 vial tester)

Water softener drain unit:

It makes easier to connect the water softeners accesoires to the drain.
The water softener has two drain output. One is a gravity overflow, the other is water softeners pressure backwash drain output. In addition, more advanced water pre-filters have a drain connection. According tot he requirements above, the water softeners drain unit have 3 connection. The drain unit has a built-in odor trap too.
Order number: PG/1

Montage block:

It makes it easier to connect the water softener tot he water network. It makes it easy to adjust the amount of water mix. Thanks to its practical design, it has 2 input and 2 output connection, they form an angle of 90°, so it can be adapted to the water network according to local space needs. One of the input or output can be easily closed with end caps.It is recommended to connect to other two connections of the mountage block tot he water softener with flexible pair of pipes.
Order number: RX-F70A-1

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