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Further arguments in favor of Euro-Clear household water softeners

Limescale is a chemical phenomenom that can cause a lot of discomfort. Dissolved metal salts, like calcium and magnesium precipitate out of the water and limescale formation begins inside the pipes, devices, water heaters. The water network will be clogged, diameter of pipes will be smaller, maintenance costs and consumption of the devices will be higher. Their lifetime significantly shortened, efficiency will be worst. The listed problems can be prevented by installing a central household water softener wich removes the metal salts that caouse build ups from water with high efficiency. Our fully automatic water softener serve the comfort for your household and save your wallet! The installation of the equipment can be easily carried out by a plumber. The automatic control head ensures long term unsupervised operation of the water softener.

  • With less washing powder and without various eater softening additives, your clothes will be cleaner, reteaining their natural softness and color.
  • In your bathroom and kitchen, the tiles and faucets will be stain-free and brighter.
  • Your cutlery and glasses dry without dripping.
  • Tea and cofee brewed with soft water taste and smell much more pleasent.
  • The time you spend on daily cleaning is reduced, as it is enough to wipe the surfaces of your kitchen and bathroom once.
  • A shower with soft water gives you a more pleasant feeling, makes your hair softer, more elastic, your skin more velvety and healthier.

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