Further arguments in favor of Euro-Clear household water softeners

Limescale is a chemical phenomenom that can cause a lot of discomfort. Dissolved metal salts, like calcium and magnesium precipitate out of the water and limescale formation begins inside the pipes, devices, water heaters. The water network will be clogged, diameter of pipes will be smaller, maintenance costs and consumption of the devices will be […]

Recommended assemblies for the installation of domestic water softeners


Water hardness tester:   Function: Fill up the measurement vial to 5 ml mark with hard water. Start tod rop the reagent liquid. If the reagent liquid color changes to green after one drop, the water hardness is 1 german hardness degree. In case the color stays red, we are dealing with hard water. In […]

Practical advices for choosing a household water softener

1. step – Determine the connection of the water softener The connection of the domestic water softeners control head is ¾” or 1”. COMMON MISTAKE: the customer immediately chooses the ¾” connection assumes that the size of the pipes in their apartment is ½” or ¾”, so the ¾” connection will definitely suitable. The discs […]

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