Residential UV devices

VIQUA is the world’s leading supplier of UV water disinfection systems for residential and small commercial applications, providing treated water without the use of chemicals. The Canadian company has more than 40 years of experience in the residential UV industry, and the expertise and care in developing VIQUA products is second to none.

Bacteria and viruses are found in every water in our environment. Their number in drinking water must be below the value specified in the standard to avoid possible infections. UV light prevents the growth and development of these microorganisms, thus eliminating their presence in the water. In some cases, the bacterial purity of the water is particularly important: for example, in families with small children, in hospitals, medical and dental offices, catering establishments.

It is well known that ultraviolet radiation from the sun kills microorganisms, the equipment uses this principle to remove microorganisms in water. This method is considered to be the most economical and environmentally appropriate of the methods used today.

The water to be treated then flows under fluorescent tubes that emit ultraviolet (UV) light, and the intense radiation disinfects the water. In contrast to the common chemical disinfection, UV sterilization does not leave an unpleasant aftertaste, nor do we have to fear the formation of trihalomethane.

Advantages of UV equipment:

  • they do not cause a chemical change in the water
  • their adverse effects on the environment are low
  • they do not cause allergic symptoms
  • their operation is fully automatic
  • their maintenance is simple and economical
  • no need to use chemicals
Part no.ProductConnectionPerformance (W)Size
H x L x W (mm)
Flow rateFlow rateFlow rateNet price USD
Aquazone S2QUV equipment, household sterilization1/2”2265 x 4321,10,70,4
Aquazone VH150UV equipment, household sterilization1” - 3/4”3289 x 3302,71,10,8
Aquazone VH200UV equipment, household sterilization1” - 3/4”3589 x 4503,62,01,6
Aquazone VH410/2UV equipment, household sterilization1” - 3/4”6089 x 5967,84,23,2
Aquazone VP950UV equipment, household sterilization6/4”961140 x 8913,710,58,0

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