{Residential} water softeners

Perfect solution against limescale!

Crystal clear glasses, softer clothes, tastier food and drinks. Euro-Clear offers you the best products in the water softener market for the perfect end result. You will experience most of the benefits of water softening equipment every day, and the lifetime of your water pipes, taps and fittings will be significantly extended.

High quality products of water softeners

In large parts of our country, the water is very hard, so first-class water softening is extremely important. However, apart from the deposit of scale, which is visible to the naked eye, there are more important reasons for buying a water softener. With the right equipment, you can preserve the long life of your coffee machine, washing machine or boiler.

The RainWater is one of the most economical water softener families on the market thanks to its intelligent control and the standard accessory salt grid.

BlueSoft E is the most reliable family of water softeners on the market. Quantity and time controlled water softener regenerates only when it is really needed.

A premium household water softener designed for everyday life. Advanced design and technology with continuous water supply.

Plug and Play editions, for simple installation and setting up

You do not necessarily need a professional installer to set up the Plug and Play device, as it is sold with pre-programmed parameters by the manufacturer. All you have to do is set the exact time, water hardness and fill the device with salt tablets, then press a button for 3 seconds to start the device. This feature will save you money.

no annual 

maintenance required

quality, continuous supply of spare parts,
service network

multi-language menu
and informative display

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