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Food industry and agriculture

Food industry

Proper water treatment is essential to improve food safety and to maintain and improve the health of our society. As a result, one of the most diverse uses of high-purity process water can be found in the food industry.
It is used not only by food processing plants, but also by protein producers, bakeries, slaughterhouses, dairy processors, soft drink producers, alcoholic beverageproducers.

In order to meet the requirements of the business, the quality of cooling water, rinsing water and water vapor must also be adequate, which can be achieved during one- or multi-stage water treatment. Our company provides you with an offer specified to your individual needs for planning, product selection, and use of the defined materials, control and documentation.

Beverage industry

The taste of beer is affected by the bicarbonate content of the water used. Therefore, to prevent corrosion, the hardness of the water must also be regulated.

The water treatment system may include sand filtration, alkali salt removal, pH adjustment, activated carbon filtration. For cleaning and rinsing the system, treated water is also required. (CIP systems)

Agriculture and horticulture

The most diverse water treatment can be observed in agriculture and horticulture, as drinking water is essential for both humans and animals. Treated water is needed, from cleaning devices of diary production toirrigation systemand greenhouses. Many health problems can be traced back to inadequate water treatment technology for humans, animals and plants.

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