Water softener equipments

Small size and the high volume flow due to two-column mode.

It is one of the smallest household water softeners on the market

Areas of application:

● Homes for 1-4 people with 1 bathroom.

● If you can / want to provide little space for the installation of the device.

● Due to its small footprint, it can be easily integrated into furniture.

Key benefits:

● It takes up little space

● The two tanks operating in parallel are able to supply soft water at the same time, thus achieving a relatively high volume flow compared to its size.

● The unit regenerates only one column at a time, so it is able to supply soft water continuously.

● After entering the water hardness value, the unit’s control head automatically calculates the capacity of the water treatment system and displays it on the blue backlit informative LCD display.

● Equipment has a salt deficiency alarm function: The equipment calculates the amount of salt remaining after regenerations from the amount of salt added. If you run out of salt warns.

● Easier installation. Utility connections on one side (raw water, soft water, sewer, electricity supply).

● OTH authorization number: 33722-9/2021/KTEF

Horeca duplex
Part no.ProductConnection In/OutSize
H x W x D
Resin litresFlow
Net price USD
RW-7-D1RainWater DUPLEX household two-column continous water softener3/4”462 x 465 x 263 mm2 x 3.52
Water softener selection table
based on the amount of resin
Monthly water consumption
1-3 people
3-4 people
3-4 people
5-6 people
Water hardness Low (1__10_°nk)8 litres8-12 litres12-18 litres18-25 litres
Medium (10__15_°nk)8-12 litres12-18 litres18-25 litres18-25 litres
High (15__20_°nk)12-18 litres18-25 litres18-25 litres25-30 litres
Very hight_(20__30_°nk)18-25 litres18-25 litres25-30 litres25-30 litres

°nk – german hardness

1° nk water containing a calcium and/or magnesium compound equivalent to 10 mg/liter of calcium oxide

Water softener

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