RainWater HORECA water softener

RainWater HORECA

Water softener equipments

The RainWater HORECA water softener has been specifically developed to serve a single piece of equipment

Areas of application:

● With its restrained appearance and wall mounting, it is suitable for serving a shower with soft water. It is especially recommended for people who are sensitive to hard water.

● Wherever a low capacity water softener is needed. Eg dental offices, laboratories, etc.

Key benefits:

● It takes up little space

● After entering the water hardness value, the equipment control head automatically calculates the capacity of the water treatment system.

● Equipment has a salt deficiency alarm function: When the regenera-tion is completed, the device monitors the amount of salt in the device with the help of an infrared sensor after entering the water supply state and gives an alarm in case of its low level.

Water leakage protection function: The device has a built-in water guard function that automatically shuts off the softener in the event of a water leak.

● Easy to mount on the wall.

● Its 3kg salt container can be easily filled through the opening opening from the side.

● OTH authorization number: 33722-9/2021/KTEF

Part. noProductConnection In / OutTemp.Size
H x W x D
Resin litresFlow rate
Net price USD
RW-5-HORRainWater HORECA volume controlled, wall mounted softener1/2”5-50 °C512 x 350 x 191 mm114.80,6
Water softener selection table
based on the amount of resin
Monthly water consumption
1-3 people
3-4 people
3-4 people
5-6 people
Water hardness Low (1__10_°nk)8 litres8-12 litres12-18 litres18-25 litres
Medium (10__15_°nk)8-12 litres12-18 litres18-25 litres18-25 litres
High (15__20_°nk)12-18 litres18-25 litres18-25 litres25-30 litres
Very hight_(20__30_°nk)18-25 litres18-25 litres25-30 litres25-30 litres

°nk – german hardness

1° nk water containing a calcium and/or magnesium compound equivalent to 10 mg/liter of calcium oxide

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