EuroClear CPF-B

EuroClear CPF-B

Water filters

CPF-B mechanical prefilters

By operating the flush valve for a short time, the filtered dirt can be discharged into the drain. The pre-filter is supplied with a spare stain-less steel filter insert, complete sealing set, installation key. In 2021, we will add a free pressure gauge to the filter.

Part no.ConnectionFlow rateFiltration
PressureNet price USD
CPF-3-BExternal 1″ (2 pc 3/4″ hollander)3 m3/h50 µm16 bar
CPF-4-BExternal 5/4″ (2 pc 1″ hollander)4 m3/h50 µm16 bar

EuroClear Water filters

Mechanical filter is not only needed for water softeners. The water in our home comes through different quality pipes in the water supply. These pipes are periodically cleaned, disinfected and repaired in case of pipe break. There is no water supply where there is no risk of contamination. Manufacturers of faucets also requires the installation of a water filter as a warranty condition.

The simplest option is the clear filters; usually available is 5” and 10” size. These are available with disposable and washable filter cartridges. It is IMPORTANT to know that the disposable filter cartridges must be replaced annually, or in case of a 0,5 bar pressure drop, immediately. This is important because the disposable filter cartridges allow some of the particles to pass through in concentrated form after clogging, which is not good for the faucet or the water softener and any other equipment that uses water. The passage of contaminants occurs when a pressure drop of 0,5 bar is reached. Only choose this solution if a pressure gauge is installed before and after the filter and the condition of the filter element will be checked on a weekly basis.

Usually a 5” and 10” sized washable filter cartridges are made with thin plastic filter surface. If the filter surface of thin plastic is damaged (which is almost invisible to the naked eye), the filter will no longer filter anything. According to our experience, water softener (and/or faucet) failures are most common in systems with these types of filters. We do not recommend using these kind of filter cartridges in households, because we do not consider the thin plastic filter surface to be reliable in long-term operation.

As professionals we recommend such water filter for protecting your household that meets the following requirements:

  • It is important that the filter cartridge is made by a material that provides reliable mechanical filtration. The best solution is a stainless steel filter cartridge or a disk filter.
  • Fine sand (63-100 µm) occurring in the water supply should be filtered to protect household assemblies and equipments. Previously, the expected filtration fineness of filter cartridges was between 80 and 100 microns. Today the development of technology requires stricter filtration below 50 microns, and the current level of technological development provides the possibility to comply with stricter limits at an affordable price. The warranty condition of the BlueSoft and RainWater softeners is a 50 micron pre-filter.
  • It should be easy to clean. If it is difficult or takes a long time to clean, and the water pressure need to be drained, the user tends to miss cleaning the filter.


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